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Cooperation makes IJB a better world!

I heart Regional Cooperation.

A Region, in the context of IJB, is a group of cooperating JBs that work together. They work towards the development of the member JBs and on projects that achieve the JB Goals (in ways that single JBs could not do alone). Currently, there are three working Regions in the IJB: AJB (Americas Junior Branch); EJB (European Junior Branch); and APJB (Asia Pacific Junior Branch). At IJBC 2007 in Colombia, JEM (Juniors of Eastern Mediterranean) was, for several reasons, dissolved by its own member JBs.

Regions are non-representative bodies that exist based on the will of its member JBs to cooperate. Participation and membership of all Regions are open for any JB and are granted simply thought self-appointment. So yes - where there's a will, there's a way. Whoever wants to cooperate will find a space to do so.

Regional Cooperation have played a very fundamental role on JB Development over the past 10 years, and is still one of the main tools for that purpose.

Lately, Regions have incorporated the concept of Neighbourhoods - a more informal and simple gathering of JBs that work and help create a "safety-net" on the area that they are present while promoting JB on the region. This is mainly done through training workshops and aim at addressing the day-to-day needs of JBs, promoting their development.

For a more complete idea on the development of Regions in the IJB, please check the first section of IGoRC - the IJB Guidelines on Regional Cooperation.

According to the JB Guidelines on Regional Cooperation (IGoRC), all Regions are open for any JB that wants to participate or become a member JB.

Here are our current regions:

Current and former: Regional Teams - please help build these pages!

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