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International Junior Branch is made up of lots of people working on a lots of different projects. Each project has a a group of people working on it, which form the working group of that specific project.

All the current projects, ideas and initiatives that are being worked on are listed below, as well as the working groups working on them.

You can sign up to work on our current projects here, or if you have an idea for a project, let us know at A working group can exist for any kind of projects or tasks. All ideas are more than welcome!

Every working group receives a liaison from the IJB Team so we ensure information is not being lost, people are working & new ideas are not stepping over existing projects.

Of course, good ideas never die, and you may find some of our previous projects exciting - take a look at the projects history in the Ideas Recycling Bin.


Current Projects

Peace Day

Idea: Support Peace One Day and celebrate/promote international day of peace.
Current tasks:

  • Communicate this year’s idea.
  • Collect the results from different projects and document them.
  • Communicate with POD

When will we do this? Peace Day 2013 has happened, and we want your contribution now! The group will is working on Peace Day 2014
IJB Team liaison: Kristina Moshuus

APJB Speak Up

Idea: A project started at JASPARC 2013 for empowering the Asia Pacific region.
Working Group: Dhvani Kothari, James (PHI), Jenny (VIE), Louise (PHI), Anissa (INA), John (PHI), Damar (INA), Prue (INA)
IJB Team liaison: Audrey Mamangkey

JB Pedia

Idea: Help JBs share more information using this interactive resource
Current tasks:

  • New page templates
  • Promote JB Pedia
  • Update pages
  • Work on new content

When will we do this? Ongoing
Working Group: Lucie Lépine (FR), Daniel Avelar Guimarães (BRA), Mauricio Hirdes (BRA) + IJR
IJB Team liaison: Dow Linnell


Idea: Develop an infopack which explains how to communicate depending on what you’re communicating and to whom. When will we do this?
Working Group: Nora (GER), Marta Ali, Sophie Michel, Ana María (COL), Marie Schratzer, Caro Herrera
IJB Team liaison: Dow Linnell


Idea: A combination of best practices from strong JB's alongside a guideline of activities/ideas/actions that can (re)start JB's who are starting off or who have problems knowing what to do.
Current tasks:

  • Collect success stories from JBs around the world, focusing on different topics. Our current theme: Fundraising!

When will we do this?
Working Group: Gerardo del Valle, Lizzie Utset (USA), Rachel Buff (USA), Halley McClure (USA) - Committee contact: Thomas Bryenton

Branch Out

Idea: Why? Integrate the IJB Community and work with the theme of the year
How? Developing a project on diversity to be applied in all JBs
What? Branch Out Project - ready-to-run activities and resources related to Diversity
Working Group:
IJB Team liaison: Daniel Avelar

Minicamp Guide

Idea: A checklist with tips and tricks for those organising any kind of minicamp.
Working Group:
IJB Team liaison: Marie Roussier

Monthly Digest

Idea: A monthly publication with information about IJB, links to region publications and more.
Current tasks: The working group compiles news from all over the JB World.

  • If you want to submit your news please do so before the 25th of each month.
  • Monthly Digest will be out every 5th of the following month.

Working Group: Flora Gurgel (BRA), Daniela Moura (BRA), Rachel Buff (USA), Agustin Cuadra (CRC), Flor Morais (POR), Veerah Locson (PHI), Paula Sperandino (BRA)
IJB Team liaison: Audrey Mamangkey

Your Idea Here!

Idea: Tell us your great idea
Current tasks:

  • What will you do about this?

When will we do this?
Working Group: Who wants to help out? Including a - Committee contact: We want to support you! Let us know!

Past Projects

The working groups listed below have completed its work and are no longer active

JB Activity Writing Template

Idea: Each CISV programme has one, why not Junior Branch?
Current tasks:

  • Base the template on the ‘new’ JB Goals.

When will we do this?
Working Group: Stefan Wachmann, Halley McClure (USA) - Committee contact: Anjo Peez-Zvetina

Re-writing JB Goals

Idea: Continue work already begun on re-writing the JB Goals into more specific, useable goals.
Current tasks:

  • Currently working on our new indicators for the new goals we have set out

When will we do this?
Working Group: Anna Nasser, Marco Emanuele, Saskia (FRA), Majo (GUA), Pavle (BIH) - Committee contact: Ryan Baum


Idea: Evaluate and improve our current evaluation tools, including the GTS tool.
Current tasks:

When will we do this?
Working Group: Grace Vottero, Anjo Peez-Zvetina - Committee contact: Ramy Tadros


Idea: An iOS app with the potential to work on Android / BlackBerry if we want. A resource of activites and other CISV info that could be accessed through a friendly / fun interface
Current tasks:

  • We have written the app, just waiting for confirmation that it works properly....exciting news!

When will we do this?
Working Group: Nick Lavery, Fanny Sarraf - Committee contact: Ryan Baum

Right On

Idea: A human rights project that aims to have the Global Movement of Junior Branch collectively work on the Theme of the Year of Human Rights.

Current tasks:
When will we do this?
Working Group: Hannes Podzun, Angela Gomez, Ayuta Nandiska, Niklas Juhl, Anjo Peez-Zvetina - Committee contact: Anjo Peez-Zvetina

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