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Welcome to JB Pedia,
the Junior Branch encyclopedia that anyone can edit.



Today's featured article

JB Pedia is back!

After a month's absence due to many technical problems, we are re-launching our JB encyclopedia, and encouraging YOU to get involved by editing and adding content!
What's happening now?

  • The IJB Team will be working to update information about Junior Branch and IJB.
  • The JB Pedia working group will be working on some page templates you can use for JB and personal pages.
  • We will be deleting a lot of old pages - the pages up for deletion have been marked with a claim notice, and will be deleted if unclaimed.
  • Some pages were not saved from the old version. If you cannot find what you're looking for, please email and we can fetch the page from the old version.

Did you know...

... that JB Pedia is 8 YEARS OLD?!

We are really excited that on this anniversary we can celebrate all the contributions made over the years, but also take the opportunity to transform this great website into something future generations of JBers and CISVers can use. Happy Birthday!

In the news

  • Make sure that you've updated your pages, because we have new templates:
National JB Template 
Personal Page Template

This month...

Check out their latest issues:

  • Where's What? - NEW resource to help guide you in your online searching [1]
  • Branch Out - Step #4 [2]
  • IJB Thinks - #22 [3]
  • Monthly Digest - April 2014 [4]

Featured picture 

IJB Team 2015-2016.png

IJB Team of 2015-2016

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Are you looking for documents and resources related to the Junior Branch? Don't forget to check out the Library!

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