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Introduction to JB Pedia

What is JBpedia?

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A short video about the satisfaction editors get from contributing

Some call it fun, others say it is the “BOMB” of JB. It is now 5 years old and still growing. For those of you who already know about it, this will be refreshing your minds, as for those who don’t, here are some interesting and basic facts about it…

About JBpedia

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Editing tutorial for Wikipedia

What is JBpedia? – 'JBpedia is the JB Encyclopedia anyone can edit and develop. It includes different pages of IJB projects, resources, tools, personal pages and information on regional, national and local levers.

Why JBpedia? – All JBs are part of a global movement and communication plays a key role in the process of integration and knowledge management. Therefore, JBpedia is a fast and informative place where all juniors can connect, discover and share current work, future plans and individual experiences. Wanna find out essential resources? Wanna know what your friends in JB are up to? JBpedia is the tool you need to get connected with JB world!

How JBpedia? – JBpedia is everywhere. It’s usage is widespread and it is a collaborative built tool. It is all over social media and people constantly use it for news and updated. Don’t have an account yet? Here are basic steps to make one are available. It is simple, click here (link) and follow the instructions!

Who uses JBpedia? – All JBers do! Not only JBpedia allows having current pages but it also keeps and documents all pages of past JBs and previous Jeers.

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