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GREAT NEWS! The Library is now fully-functional! Check it out.




The origins of the Library can be tracked back to the IJRs File - a (huge) bunch of papers that was passed from IJR to IJR through a couple of decades. Around 2001, the HIJB (History of IJB) Taskforce was created to organise and make those boxes of paper available to the whole community. With having the work finished at around 2003, the IJRs created Share - the IJB Web-based Archive. A document deposit in which many of the files of the IJB were placed.

In 2006, IJRs Astrid Naver and Marcos Tourinho gave a special priority to knowledge management within the IJB. For this, it was fundamental to create a tool that would allow people to reach all the existing knowledge regarding Junior Branch on an easy, clear and smart way. The Library was the attempt to achieve this, collecting and organising everything that was ever written about JB in one place - in a way that anyone can find anything.

What is the Library?

The Junior Branch Library is one of the recent projects of the IJRs in improving knowledge management within the International Junior Branch.

The Library is an archive of documents, current and historic, from all levels of Junior Branch which are organized for your convinience. In a way, you can think of it as a new and improved version of CISV Resources, specific to documents pertaining to Junior Branch (and with what we think is a more convinient searching mechanism).

Do you need to find a copy of the International Guidelines on Regional Cooperation? Does JBPedia reference a document that you've never heard of?
If so, look them up in the JB Library at your earliest convinience!

The Library aims to have documents not just from International Junior Branch but from all levels including NAs and local Junior Branches. We hope that as the Library grows it will become a place for information management, and also for resource sharing between and among JBs. So, upload your documents today!

How do I use the Library?

  1. Go to
  2. Enter ijb.guest as a username and cisv4all as a password
  3. Browse around at your best convenience and suit yourself

Searching and Learning

On the left side of the page, you will see a column with several sections. The one you'll be interested in exploring is Documents, and under that title you'll see different headers: IJBC, IJR Work, JB Essentials, National Junior Branches, Projects, Publications, Year by Year & New Files!.

Click on any of those folders to start browsing. On the centre of the page, in a sort of Windows Explorer fashion (or Finder, if you're on a Mac!) you will find the content of these folders. It will look like this:
List of icons.jpg

As you can see, the icons look different according to their file type. The first Peace Day flyer that's listed is in Word format, whereas the next one is a PDF file. We published all content in common file types readable by most computers: Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF, JPG, GIF and such.

To move on with your searching and browsing, there are many folders inside other folders, in order to keep our Library content as organised as possible. Folders look like this:
List of icons.jpg

As you can see, it shows the icon of the folder (Folder.jpg), its name, and when its contents were last edited. That information will help you know if there's new stuff you've been waiting to check out.

If you want to explore what's inside a folder, do not click on its name - click on the folder icon (Folder.jpg).

If you want to download a file, click on its icon too, and a dialogue window will appear to help you save it where you prefer!

Should you have any more questions, write to or click on the Help icon on the top right-hand corner (Help icon.jpg).


We've just opened! How exciting! We are figuring out which will be the best way to upload every local JB's material, so stay tuned about this because more info is coming soon. Again, if you have any questions or comments please write to

Yes, this is a Quality Lab Project. Read more about Projects, about the Quality Lab and about the IJB Committee.

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