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Welcome! We are the IJB Team

We are the 2 International Junior Representatives, 5 members who represent Junior Branch at the CISV International Standing Committees (JB Representatives), 4 members who dedicate fully to Junior Branch (JB Specialists), 1 member of the Governing Board of CISV International and 1 member of the Senior Management Team of CISV International.

You can contact us all at ijbteam@ijb.cisv.org



Why IJB Team?

The purpose of team and all its parts are to:

Support the needs and development of JBs
  • Our resources and educational tools are used.
  • There is regular contact with National Junior Branches.
  • There is regular contact with Local Junior Branches.
  • Junior can access appropriate quality training.
  • The IJBT is aware of local JBs’ needs and situation.
  • Local JBs understand the purpose and use of the IJB Team.
Ensure effective communication
  • Juniors take proactive interest in CISV International.
  • Information from CISV International and elsewhere is shared to all levels of Junior Branch
  • Updates from the work of the team are shared periodically with all JBs.
  • Regional Teams bring information from their regions to the IJB Team.
  • All our communication tools are relevant and up to date.
  • Our communication channels reach every JB.
  • Juniors make use of our communication tools.
Encourage innovation and improvement
  • IJB Team is active within CISV international.
  • Quality and relevance of work is regularly evaluated.
  • New ideas and projects are generated.
  • Spaces exist for juniors to undertake new initiatives and challenges.
  • Juniors contribute to CISV International decision making
  • Juniors are constantly challenged within IJB.
  • The IJB Team constructively criticizes and challenges our organization to improve.
Build a functional and inspired team
  • There is a culture of accountability within the team.
  • Team members remain challenged & motivated.
  • Team members feel comfortable and included.
  • IJRs take action to ensure the productivity and wellbeing of the team.
  • There is effective communication between team members.
  • Team members cooperate effectively.
  • Team members are recruited in a fair, inclusive and consistent process.
  • Team’s work is evaluated at least two times a year.

IJB Team History

The restructuring process started in 2011, but before IJBC 2011, we used to work in three sections called quality lab, connect and growth and development.

In 2011 the IJB Team entered a process of restructuring. At the IJB Team meeting before IJBC 2011 the team present defined the goals of the team, and came up with a temporary structure to work. However, there was an intensive evaluation of the structure, and by IJBC 2012 we were able to choose to adopt a new one based on our evaluation and work during the year. To find out more about the re-structuring process, visit IJB Team Restructure 2011.

In 2013, the structure of the IJB Team had to change in order to adapt to the new structural changes taken in CISV International. The new structure is the results of that integration, which you can read more at www.cisv.org

Check out how we used to work.

IJB Team Updates

Check out what the IJB Team members are up to and read meeting summaries.

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