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Please see pages scheduled for deletion to see what other pages have been deleted, if it was. Not all deleted pages are on the list At NJBF September 2010, GBJB approved in principle a new JB Board! It looks like this:

New JB Board.jpg



We hope that the creation of this board will:

  • Create more opportunities for creativity and innovation for new projects.
  • Improve quality of work as we can focus more on each task.
  • Lessen the workload of the NJRs.
  • Involve more juniors in the running of GBJB.


  1. Elect two new NJCs to form the first board - September 2010
  2. Start working as a JB Board.
  3. Put together a proposal for National Council, including funding.
  4. Get National Council's approval.
  5. Officially approve into constitution at the AGM in September 2011.


The new JB Board involves the creation of two National Junior Coordinators, who take on part of the GBJB NJRs' job in order that we might grow and improve. These new roles could replace the Secretary's role.

SWOT Analysis of JB Board

JB Board SWOT.jpg

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